Failed to Set lockdownMode on host during VRA installation or upgrade

KB Number:

-Unable to install or upgrade a VRA and fails with the following error:
"Failed to set lockdownMode on host host:<#>:lockdownmode:Disabled"

-The following troubleshooting steps were already performed in this KB:

-Issue usually occurs with ESXi hosts older than 6.0 (if at 6.0 or higher, please see solution #3)

Due to the new "strict" lockdown mode in 6.0 or higher, the logic in the VRA install/upgrade flow was changed to acommodate.

In host (ESXi) version of 6.0, there are 3 lockdown modes:
1. Disabled
2. Normal
3. Strict

Before host version of 6.0 there were just 2 lockdown modes
1. Disabled
2. Normal


1. Upgrade ZVR to 7.0u2+
2. If on 5.5 Upgrade ESXi host to 6.0 or newer
3. If ESXi host is at 6.0 or newer already and still getting this error, confirm the host access manager via MOB. 

a. content->rootFolder->childEntity->hostFolder->childEntity->host(#)->configManager->hostAccessManager
b. If the hostAccessManager is "Unset", then known workaround is to remove/readd host back to vCenter inventory

Affected Versions:
7.0 u1p1


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