Expected behavior when changing Org vDC for VPG

KB Number:

When editing an existing VPG and changing the Org vDC, the VPG will enter one of the following states:

1. In ZVR versions prior to 4.5, the VPG will enter Initial sync state and will be meeting SLA once the sync is done.
2. In versions 4.5 and above, the user will receive the following error message: "operation is invalid." 


If changing the Org vDC is required, the user should delete the VPG and recreate it using the preseed option. If the new Org vDC is under the same ZORG the following set of actions should be performed:

1) Delete existing VPG
2) Create New VPG under same ZORG
3) Select same existing VMs and all same settings with new OrgvDC as Recovery
4) Manually set preseed volume locations
5) Delta Sync will occur

Affected Versions:
All versions


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