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Error: “ZVM is not connected to the VRA” where Multiple ZVMs are Connected

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An administrator may notice VRA(s) continuously disconnect from their local ZVM, yet all connectivity checks appear to be fine.

Root Cause

More than one ZVM is installed/running underneath the same hypervisor. Both ZVMs will try to communicate with the VRA which leads to the VRA restarting the connection.


The following alert will be seen for one or many VRAs and it will be "flipping" on and off:

ZVM is not connected to VRA

Within the VRA itself, mnt/logs file system may be full.

VRA logs will show the following event as well:

VRA, void VraImpl,resetVra, VraImpl.cpp 199: false failed. Reset request


To resolve this issue, any "old" ZVMs that are not being used anymore must either be powered off, Zerto is uninstalled, or the VM destroyed entirely. As soon as these redundant ZVMs are no longer trying to compete with the local VRAs, the alert(s) should clear and the VRAs will be stable once again.