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Error ‘Zerto Settings Contain VM Which Is Not Accessible (vm-xxxx)’ after migration of VM from on-prem to a Cloud site

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An administrator, after migrating a VM from on-prem to Cloud and attempting to re-protect to a second Cloud site, may find the VM is not valid for protection.

Root Cause

This is typically seen in a Cloud to Cloud VPG after a customer migrated a VM from on-prem to a Cloud site. At which point, the administrator then opts to replicate internally from the now protected Cloud site to a secondary Cloud site to act as a Recovery site.

As this VPG is trying to be created/edited, the error is seen because the new DR site resources have not been added to the ZORG configuration within the ZCM GUI. Due to this, the VM(s) cannot be replicated to said site as the resources are outside of the ZORG configuration currently.

In general, this can happen anytime a VM is being added to Zerto replication where the necessary ZORG does not contain the proper resources/sites.


The below error is seen while trying to add a VM to a VPG/create a new VPG:

User-added image

This error will halt the VPG creation/edit and not allow to move forward.

In the ZVM logs, the following event is seen:

AppServiceBase,GetVpgValidatorsResultFromRemoteSite,Vpg validators res from remote: RecoveryDatastoreVolume: Settings contain VM which is not accessible (vm-xxxx),


To workaround this issue, follow the steps below:

  1. Login to the ZCM GUI.

  2. Traverse to the ZORG in question.

  3. Add the necessary sites/resources to the ZORG. Save changes.

  4. Attempt the create/edit VPG once more.