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Error “VRA on host {host_name} is powered off.”

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When a VRA VM is powered off from the hypervisor perspective, Zerto is made aware and alerts as such.

Root Cause

The error is present when the hypervisor updates the reflection to Zerto that the VRA VM on the specific host is powered down, fully. For Zerto to operate properly, all VRAs must be turned on unless there is ongoing maintenance.


When a VRA VM is powered off, the below error is seen:

VRA on host {host_name} is powered off


To resolve this issue:
  1. Attempt to power on the VRA VM in question. Once powered on, it may take up to a few minutes for the reflection to update and the Zerto GUI to update.
  2. If the VRA VM cannot be powered on, engage the hypervisor vendor support team to determine the cause of the power on failure.
  3. If the VRA VM is powered on but after 10-15 minutes the alert remains, engage Zerto Support with a log bundle for further analysis.