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Error: “VPG Waiting to be Removed”

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An administrator attempts to delete a VPG from the Zerto GUI, but the VPG remains intact in a "Waiting to be Removed" status.

Root Cause

This typically occurs when the VPG being deleted is either in a bad state, hypervisor is disconnected from the ZVM, and/or the hypervisor is too busy to process the request within a reasonable amount of time.


VPG shows status of “Waiting to be removed" after a Delete was attempted for the VPG in question.


To workaround this issue:

  1. Select 'Delete' on the VPG once more.
  2. This time, a popup will appear to either Cancel, Delete, or Force Delete. Select 'Force Delete'.
  3. The Force Delete should complete without issue and the VPG will now be fully removed from the GUI.

Note: Force deleting the VPG will preserve the recovery disks.

Therefore, an administrator can use the disks for preseed or just clean the disks out of the Recovery Datastore to reclaim storage.