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Error “vib SSHKeyAppendVib” when Attempting to Install a VRA

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An administrator may encounter a VRA install failure due to a strange error regarding SSHKeyAppendVib.

Root Cause

The log partition on a Host should clear itself out once it reaches its threshold.

However, in some instances, the log wrap process can hang and take a longer time to delete automatically and therefore, generate an error while installing a VRA since space has become full on the partition.


A customer receives the following error while installing a VRA:

An error has occurred during "vib SSHKeyAppendVib" installation.


To recover from the error, follow the below steps:

  1. If possible, reboot the affected host. If not possible, continue forward to Step 2.

  2. Log into the relevant host.

  3. Type the command 'vdf -h' to review the used size of the '/mnt/logs' mount.

  4. Backup all logs in case they are needed at a later time.

  5. Use the rm command to permanently delete files.

    1. rm /mnt/logs/<filename>

  6. Retry the VRA installation.

Note: Once a file is deleted, there is no way to recover it. Therefore, use caution when deleting files and ensure the files to be deleted are backed up prior. If a system file is removed inadvertently, it may cause damage to your ESX or ESXi host that can require a re-installation of the software.

If unsure about deleting a specific file, kindly contact VMware Support for assistance.