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Error: “Protection group has volume of size 0:{0}.”

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An administrator sees an alert in the Zerto GUI that protected volume(s) are of size 0 bytes which is not true.

Root Cause

A reflection issue between the Datastore responsible for handling the disks and the host where the VM resides on leads to Zerto not having proper size information on the disk and just posts the size as 0 bytes.


One of the following errors will be present in the Zerto GUI:

Protection group has volume of size 0:{0}


Protection group has several volumes of size 0:{0}

While trying to create a VPG, once at the "Storage" tab in the VPG creation wizard, the provisioned size of the disks will show 0MB as well.


To relieve the issue:

  1. Rescan the Datastore responsible for handling the disks that show 0MB.

  2. If issue persists, gather a log bundle and engage Zerto Support for further log analysis into why the reflection is not updating properly back to Zerto.