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Error: “Pairing to site [site name] failed. Already paired to [peerSiteIdentifier]”

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An administrator may experience Pairing failures after cloning a Windows Server used to host a ZVM or ZCA to use at a second site.

Root Cause

The two sites have the same Site Identifier value.

This is frequently the result of a clone of the Windows Server hosting the Zerto Virtual Manager (ZVM) or Zerto Cloud Appliance (ZCA).


The following registry key is set to the same value on both the ZVM or ZCA servers used in the pairing attempt:

The following error is generated after the pairing attempt fails:
Pairing to site [site name] failed. Already paired to [peerSiteIdentifier]


On the new ZVM or ZCA, the following registry key must be deleted in order to force the creation of a new Site Identifier value:


After deleting this key and pairing sites, a new Site Identifier value is created after the first VPG is created that uses this site as the source or target for replication.