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Error: “Object reference not set to an instance” when Editing VPG in ZSSP

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An administrator will attempt to Edit VPG via the ZSSP GUI and receive an error, but does not stop the administrator from progressing forward.

Root Cause

This issue is caused due to a mishandling in GUI code.


When editing a VPG via the ZSSP GUI, an error will appear:

Object reference not set to an instance

This does not interfere later on with updating the VPG or performing recovery operations with the VPG. Simply pressing 'OK' on the pop-up alert allows the administrator to move forward with the process.

In GUI logs, the following can be seen:

date: "2020-02-26T14:47:21.196Z",
operation: "GetPotentialVcdVappsForAdding",
protocol: "VQ",
type: "Error",
content: "{"faultCode":"Server.Processing","faultDetail":null,"faultString":"Object reference not set to an instance of an object."}",
params: "[{"GroupGuid":"e1390525-4948-4bc2-a099-51a2cca9461d"}]"


To resolve this issue, simply upgrade the Zerto environment to 8.0 or later.