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Error: “Incomplete VM Configuration” in SCVMM for a Ghost VRA Following Hyper-V Host Maintenance

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The Zerto VRA or VRA-H VMs running on a Hyper-V host may not return to a healthy state following the removal of a Hyper-V host from maintenance mode.

Root Cause

Microsoft Support can assist if further analysis is needed as this issue is not discernible from a Zerto standpoint. There is a Microsoft Technet post about this issue as well.


  • The VRA installed on the host is shown in a 'ghost' state in the Zerto UI following the completion of maintenance.

  • The VRA or VRA-H installed on the host is shown in an 'Incomplete VM Configuration' state in the SCVMM console following the completion of maintenance and after the VM has been powered on.

  • The VRA OS disks are not stored on Cluster Shared Volume storage.


To workaround this issue, simply right click on the VRA/VRA-H from SCVMM and choose "Refresh".