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Error: “Failed to Start Operation. Return code after CreateReadOnlyView was RcError” Received when Retention is in Progress

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An administrator may find that a subset of disks in a Retention Set will be backed up without issue but the remaining disks fail.

Root Cause

Volumes are processed serially (one at a time), therefore when theĀ Retention process durationĀ is longer than the VPG's configured Journal History setting, the retention process will fail on the remaining volumes where the checkpoint chosen has already been applied (committed) to the recovery volume.


On a scheduled or manual LTR backup of a multi-volume VPG, the task completes with the following:

Retention process failed. X out of X volumes were successful and will be leveraged in the next incremental retention process.Total size saved since last Retention process XX GB. Retention process duration: HH:MM:SS. Error: Failed to Start Operation. OperationId=LongRunningOperationIdentifier Id: YYYY-DD-MM-HH-MM-SS_{VolumeImageID}, OperationType: BackupOperation; Reason=Return code after CreateReadOnlyView was RcError..

VRA logs will report the following error:

ERR: Error in func Backupper::asyncBuildROnlyView - backup<{VolumeGUID}> Backupper request on an invalid checkpoint. Perhaps the checkpoint was already applied. Aborting backup.

The VPG configured journal history is set to a short timeframe such as 1 hour.


The only known workaround at this time is to increase the Journal History setting in the affected VPGs so as to be longer than the necessary time to backup the workloads protected in the VPG.