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Error ‘Failed to Send Test Email’ when configuring email alerts to an Office 365 Server

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Customer attempts to configure email alerts through an Office 365 server but the setup fails with "failed to send test email".

Root Cause

For now, configuring email alerts using Office 365 is not possible as the email settings do not have fields for TLS/SSL or credentials.


When configuring Zerto email alerts to send through an Office 365 server, clicking the Send Test Email button causes the following error message to appear:

Failed to send test email.


Kindly follow this KB to configure email alerts to a non-Office 365 server.

Additionally, a Feature Request exists to add this functionality to Zerto.

Perform the following steps to vote for the pre-existing Feature Request:
  1. Navigate to Feature Requests in MyZerto
  2. In the Search For Ideas field, search for 'ZRVCORE-I-381'
  3. Click on the VOTE button to the left of the title of the Feature Request