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Error: “Failed to install module libnvdimmvmxnet3” when Configuring Zerto Tools for Linux

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An administrator may experience a failure regarding a module installation failure when configuring Zerto Tools for Linux on a protected Linux VM.

Root Cause

Zerto Tools for Linux is being configured on a non-supported Linux Version per the Zerto Interoperability Matrix.


Zerto Tools for Linux installation fails with the below error: 

There is an error with the dracut: Failed to install module libnvdimmvmxnet3


To workaround this issue, it is best to check the Zerto Interoperability Matrix to ensure:

  1. The version of Zerto running supports the particular version of Linux.

  2. If Zerto 8.0 or later, confirm if the particular version of Linux is supported for Automated OS Configuration (no need for Zerto Tools) or if Zerto Tools for Linux is still required.

If the above points are confirmed, kindle engage Zerto Support for further assistance.