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Error: “Failed to delete file [datastore] zagentid/{path}/zdriver_ESX_XX.o” When Installing a VRA

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An administrator may receive an error during VRA installation regarding the zagentid file cannot be deleted.

Root Cause

The "zdriver_ESX_XX.o" file is locked by another process and further investigation is required.


When installing or uninstalling a VRA, there might be a error similar to the following:

Failed to delete file [datastore] zagentid/{path}/zdriver_ESX_XX.o

When removing the file as per the this KB, there might be an error "Device/Service Busy" in the ESXi shell.


As the "zdriver_ESX_XX.o" file is locked by some process, admins can refer to the following VMware KBs for finding out the process which locked the file and permanently resolve:

A workaround would be to rename the folder containing the zdriver file and then try to install or uninstall the VRA once more.