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Error: “Failed To Create Path (Pathname)” when Creating ExaGrid NFS Repository for LTR

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An administrator when trying to setup an ExaGrid Repository may receive an error from the Zerto GUI.

Root Cause

By default, Exagrid uses NFSv4 when using the directory path "<serverIPaddress>:/<NFS Directory>"

Per theĀ Interoperability Matrix, Zerto currently only supports NFSv3 for LTR Repository use.


When creating a repository for LTR use in the Zerto GUI where the target is an ExaGrid NFS share, Zerto returns with error:

Failed to create path (pathname)

Additionally, the administrator has white-listed all Recovery VRA and Recovery ZVM IP addresses in the ExaGrid NFS share setup.


To workaround this issue, follow the steps below:

  1. When going through the "New Repository" wizard in the Zerto GUI, fill out the form as normal until you reach the Location/Path field.

  2. Force the NFS share to be attached as version 3 by adding prefix "/home1/shares/" ahead of the actual NFS share location. For example:

    1. <serverIPaddress>:/home1/shares/<NFS Directory>

  3. Continue forward with the New Repository wizard and the Repository should attach without issue.