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Error: “Datastores only support Thin Provisioning” when Create / Import / Change Recovery Host is Attempted for Any VPG

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An administrator when attempting to Create/Import a VPG or Change Recovery Host may notice a failure regarding datastores only supporting thin provisioning.

Root Cause

This was caused by a validation which prevented the creation of VPGs containing thick disks to NFS datastores.  This validation was erroneous in most cases because most NFS datastores have the "hardware acceleration" feature required for NFS datastores to support thick disks.


Create / Import / Change VM recovery VRA operations will fail with an error like the following:

Some Recovery volumes were not configured for Thin Provisioning, but their selected Datastores only support Thin Provisioning. Either change the relevant recovery volumes/s to Thin Provisioning or to a Datastore that supports Thick Provisioning. The following Datastores configured for recovery volumes only support Thin Provisioning: datastore_name


In any version, customers receiving the error should first confirm that Hardware Acceleration is enabled on their datastore before proceeding with the workaround below. For more information on this, see this VMware Document.

To resolve this issue, simply upgrade to 7.5 or higher which removes the erroneous validation.

If upgrading is not possible, kindly engage Zerto Support to make the necessary configuration change to disable the validation.