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Error: “Current step is not valid – IP address [X] not in valid for organization network (Gateway [X] Netmask [X])” During Create/Edit VPG in NICs Tab

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An administrator may notice a false positive alert regarding an IP Address not being part of a network when in fact it is.

Root Cause

This is a GUI bug that causes wrong network settings to be sent for validation and thus fails.


During create/edit VPG where an IP Address is being assigned, the error below is seen:

Current step is not valid - IP address [X] not in valid for organization network (Gateway [X] Netmask [X])

However, after review of the Organization Network setup in VCD, the IP address is in the IP Range.

The Gateway/Netmask in the error may also be incorrect for the network selected (i.e. the error reports the information for Failover/Move network and not for Test network).


To workaround this issue, follow the below steps:

  1. Ensure via VCD that the network configuration is correct and that the desired IP address exists in said network. Do not move forward until this is confirmed otherwise FO/Move operations could result in a Recovery VM that is inaccessible.

  2. Engage Zerto Support to apply a tweak to disable this validation.

Note: This tweak will disable the validation for all VPGs at this site. Always double check your configuration before updating. Without the validation in place, utilizing an invalid IP address will be possible and thus recovery of the VM will result in a VM launching without network connectivity.

In terms of a permanent fix, 8.0 Update 1 has the resolution for this issue. Upgrading to 8.0 Update 1 or higher will resolve this GUI issue.