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8.0 Update 1
8.0 Update 1 Patch 1
8.0 Update 2
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Error: “Cannot complete purchase as your enrollment for this subscription doesn’t allow purchase of marketplace paid products” After Upgrade to Zerto 8.0

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An administrator, after upgrading Zerto to 8.0, may experience VPG creation and VPG Failover failures into Azure seemingly due to ScaleSets failing to fully deploy within Azure as designed.

Root Cause

In Zerto for Azure 8.0, Zerto deploys a custom Ubuntu18.04 LTS python with docker image from Azure Marketplace in order to support the new feature of a ZCA without Internet. In order to overcome the requirement of Internet access for the ScaleSet, Zerto created a new Azure Marketplace image that was published to 142 Azure general regions and Gov region.

Without access from the ZCA to the Azure Marketplace, download of this image is not possible and ScaleSets fail to deploy fully.


In an Azure ZCA 8.0 deployment, new VPGs may fail to create and existing VPGs will fail to Failoverproperly due to the need for the Azure ScaleSets that are failing to fully deploy.

In the ZVM GUI, there will be the following error message: 

Scaleout orchestrator failed 

In the Azure portal, there may be a ScaleSet deployed, but will appear to be stuck in a Create(Running) state.

In the log bundle, there will not be any worker logs in the 'azure' folder. In the ZVM logs from the affected ZCA site, the below error can be found:

Cannot complete purchase as your enrollment for this subscription doesn't allow purchase of marketplace paid products. Your Azure enrollment administrator can enable purchase of paid marketplace products. For more details, see

NOTE: The same error is displayed when trying deploy the image manually from the Azure Portal.


To resolve the issue, one of the following steps must be followed:

  1. Enable access between affected ZCA and Azure Marketplace so the image can be pulled per design.
  2. If the above is not possible for any reason, kindly contact Zerto Support and cite this article to receive a configuration change. This will provide a different, readily available image that the ScaleSets can be deployed with.