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Error: “Azure Credentials Failed To Register Application In Azure” when Installing a ZCA

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An administrator may experience an Azure ZCA installation failure regarding credential failure when registering the application in Azure.

Root Cause

Administrator role permissions must be granted in Azure AD appropriately.


When trying to install a ZCA in Azure, the error message below is received:

Azure credentials Failed to register application in Azure.


To resolve this issue, follow the below steps:

Set the permissions as required by following Microsoft documentation.

Note: By default, only the "Global Administrator" and "Application Developer" roles have permission to register AD applications.

The alternative to this role is to assign the "Users can register applications" feature to yes via below steps:

  1. In the Azure portal, go to the User settings section under Azure Active Directory.

  2. Change' Users can register applications' to Yes.

Note: This will allow all AD users to register AD applications and probably not desirable.