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Error: “An Indexing Repository has not been set” when Editing a VPG in the Retention Policy Window

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An administrator may receive an alert regarding the Index Repository, yet LTR seems to be functioning.

Root Cause

An Indexing Repository has not been set and thus this error is thrown.


When editing a VPG, in the Retention Policy tab an error will occur after trying to configure "File System Indexing" stating: 

An Indexing Repository has not been set. You cannot enable File System Indexing without first setting an Indexing Repository

Further more, browsing the Events in Monitoring will indicate "Backup Protection Group 'VPG ID'. Completed Successfully".

However, Index Checkpoint will indicate "Failed".


To resolve this issue, follow the below steps:

  1. Open the ZVM UI and open the Site Settings window (top right corner -> 3 parallel white lines).

  2. Access the LTR Setting section and set the Indexing Repository from 'None' to a relevant SMB Repository.