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Error: ‘The email address you are trying to use doesn’t exist. Please verify’ When Validating a Customer in Zerto Cloud Control

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In Zerto Cloud Control, Managed Service Provider (MSP) partners can register details about their customer to the ZORG for that customer they have created in the product via ‘Tenants’ in Zerto Cloud Control. In the Tenants form, an email address is required to be provided; to save the details -successfully, three validations are performed on this email address: 

  1. The email address domain cannot match the service providers domain. This is because the email address provided should be from the corresponding customer’s email domain and not the MSP’s domain.  

  1. The email address domain cannot match another ZORG already registered in tenants. This is because each ZORG should correlate to a single customer; the same customer should not be represented by more than one ZORG on the MSP’s platform.  

  1. The email address must complete an authentication validation check that it is a real email domain. This is because the email domain is used to help identify the customer in Zerto’s business systems. This email address is not stored anywhere except on Zerto Cloud Control – Tenants and is used to ensure that it is real.  

Root Cause

The provided email address is not a real email address or does not successfully validate although it is a real email address


The below error is seen when trying to validate a new email address:

"The email address you are trying to use doesn't exist. Please verify"


The MSP user should make sure that the email provided does not contain any typographical errors and that it does not match their domain or another domain they have already registered with another ZORG.  

In some rare cases, the email address will fail to pass the authentication validation check. If this occurs, users can open up a case with Zerto Support in order to remedy the situation.