Disabling DRS Results in VPG Removal

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An administrator may need to disable DRS for one reason or another on a cluster in vCenter, and would want to lessen the impact on Zerto Virtual Replication(ZVR)  VPGs protecting vApps on that cluster.

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In vSphere clusters, DRS must be enabled in order to configure vApps.  When a vApp, protected by ZVR, exists on a cluster, and DRS is disabled on the cluster, vCenter automates the process of moving the VMs outside of the vApp, and then removes the vApp.  Once the vApp is removed, the ZVM responds by removing the VPG that was previously protecting the vApp, including the deletion of all of the VPG?s recovery volumes.  

In order to avoid losing recovery data in such a situation, it is necessary to proceed as follows:

  1. Under the VPGs tab in the Zerto User InterfaceI, select the relevant VPG.

  2. Choose Actions > Delete.

  3. Check ?Keep target disks at the peer site?, and proceed with the VPG deletion.

  4. Once the VPG is removed, disable DRS on the vApp?s cluster

Once the vApp has been removed from the cluster, its VMs can be re-protected as standalone VMs if desired, and the preserved recovery volumes can be used as preseeds when recreating ter VPG.


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