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Delete VPG Failed with Error: “Site Type expected value Hypervisor but was PublicCloud”

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An administrator attempts to delete a VPG replicating to Public Cloud and it fails with an error regarding a site type being incorrect.

Root Cause

This is a bug in which Zerto calls the wrong task to destroy the mirror at the Public Cloud site.


After attempt to Delete/Force Delete VPG via Zerto GUI or using ForceRemove-ProtectionGroup via Cmdlets fails with the following error:

Site Type expected value Hypervisor but was PublicCloud

The Cmdlet "Unprotect-Vpg -DeleteTargetDisks" may work, but the VPG remains in the VPG list in the GUI.

The Recovery site is Public Cloud (AWS or Azure)


To workaround the issue when it is persisting, this requires removing the related VPG entries in the ZVM DB. Contact Zerto Support to assist with this workaround.

To permanently resolve, upgrade the Zerto environment to 8.0 or higher.