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Datastore details not displaying on the Setup tab

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An administrator may find that datastores are not listing in the ZVM GUI's Setup tab.

Root Cause

In order to calculate Datastore used space by Protected VMs, Zerto aggregates the used space of each Protected VM. Sometimes the VM UUID for some Protected VMs on the customer's environment is changed. At the same time, the original value remains in the Zerto database. From the hypervisor side, when reflection data is updated, it takes a new value of VM UUID from the environment. So, when Zerto tries to get the specific Reflection VM data using this the unique identifier from the database, it fails with a NullReferenceException.


  • Datastore details not displaying on the Setup tab in the ZVM GUI.

  • The datastore tab appears to be loading but never finishes.


To workaround this issue, VPGs with VMs that have a new UUID from the hypervisor side versus what is in the Zerto DB. Or, if the issue is related to a VRA VM, then the VRA must be re-installed.

This issue was permanently fixed in Zerto version 7.5 Update 1.