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Critical Azure SDK bug preventing ZCA VRAs From Running

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According to a source at Microsoft,  
“Due to a latent bug in the CPP REST SDK, date strings are being incorrectly generated as a part of storage requests. This means that requests originating today, 31 December 2020 (UTC), will see persistent 403 errors returned from the storage service.  
Source: .  
Microsoft is aware of this issue. It will resolve for all customers at 00:00 UTC on 01/01/2021 according to the description in the link above. 

Root Cause

There is a critical Azure SDK bug preventing Azure ZCA VRAs from running. This is because Zerto leverages the Azure SDK for commands sent to Azure Storage.  


The ZVM disconnects from the VRA service on the ZCA at the Azure site. The VRA service can be manually started but will not remain running.  


There are currently no remediation steps to take to resolve this Azure platform issue. Zerto is actively working with Microsoft to see if there is a resolution that could be implemented prior to 00:00 UTC on 01/01/2021 when the issue is automatically resolved. 

Additional Information 
Zerto will provide supplemental information if we have updates to this notice.  
If you have longer than expected Syncs when resolved, please refer to Troubleshooting Stuck Bitmap Sync