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How to Determine when to Upgrade the ESXi Version of a Host in a Zerto Environment

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VMware makes code changes to new versions/updates of ESXi that can cause Zerto VRAs to not be able to function. If a version/update of ESXi is not supported by Zerto, upgrading a host to that version can cause issues with VRAs, such as failure to install/upgrade a VRA or replication stoppages. 


  • Please confirm if an ESXi version/update is supported by the Zerto version/update currently in use in the environment by reviewing the Interoperability Matrix for All Zerto Versions
  • Zerto will support new platforms, management tools and hosts within 90 days of the general availability of a new platform release for the Zerto Virtual Replication releases that are in the General Support Phase.
  • If the ESXi version/update is not supported by any Zerto version/update, the workaround is to downgrade ESXi on the host(s) in question to a supported version.
  • If the ESXi version/update is supported by any Zerto version/update, and Zerto is reporting "Unsupported ESX version" on VRAs, please perform the steps in the article How to Update ZVM to Support Zerto-Approved Host Releases Prior to a Full ZVR Update to resolve.