Considerations for Upgrading the ESXi Version of a Host in a Zerto Environment

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If a version\update of ESXi is not supported by Zerto, upgrading a host to that version can cause issues with VRAs, such as failure to install/upgrade a VRA or replication stoppages. 

VMware makes code changes to new versions/updates of ESXi that can cause Zerto VRAs to not be able to function.


Please confirm if an ESXi version/update is supported by the Zerto version/update currently in use in the environment by reviewing the Interoperability Matrix for All Zerto Versions. Zerto will support new platforms, management tools and hosts within 90 days of the general availability of a new platform release for the Zerto Virtual Replication releases that are in the General Support Phase.

If the ESXi version/update is not supported by any Zerto version/update, the workaround is to downgrade ESXi on the host(s) in question to a supported version.

If the ESXi version/update is supported by any Zerto version/update, and Zerto is reporting "Unsupported ESX version" on VRAs, please perform the steps in the article Updating a ZVM to Support Zerto-Approved Host Releases Prior to a Full ZVR Update to resolve.

Affected Versions:
All versions


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