How To Collect Application Crash Dumps From Windows Server 2008 and Windows 7 Operating Systems

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Although Zerto is accessed through the vSphere Client GUI, sometimes support may request logs from Windows in the event an application used by Zerto (a browser for viewing the online help, the vsphere client itself, etc) crashes and the user believes it is related to Zerto.

Affected Versions






  • Open the Start Menu and use windows search to locate “View all Problem Reports”
    • Note: This is all accessible via the control panel.
  • Search for the application which has a problem report from the list:
  • Right click on the problem report and select “View Technical Details”





  • The technical details will be displayed on a screen similar to the following.




  • Select “Copy to clipboard” from the bottom to copy the crash dump text and paste this into a notepad file on your desktop with a descriptive name (EX: CustomerName-Application-Crash-Info.txt)
  • Add the text file to an archive (zip, rar, tz, etc.) and upload this information to the following location:
    • Site:
    • User: logupload
    • Password: zerto2011
    • Directory: /incoming/
    • Note: The above user may write to the above directory, however he will not be able to list the directory. This may be presented as an error in FTP clients - this is the expected result.
  • Note: Sometimes, the problem report will also give the option to view or export the technical details as well - by clicking the link highlighted below this will unzip the dump and open it for you in a temp folder.



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