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How to Work Around a Missing CD ROM After Failover/Move Operations

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IDE devices are typically bound to local site resources (ISO file or HW device).
Prior to Zerto 7.0, a VM with a mounted floppy or CD-ROM will recover without it.  Upon failover/Move operations, Zerto clears the CD-ROM and Floppy settings (from the VMX).

Starting in 7.0, from our Release Notes
CD-ROM Drive Recovery - Zerto now maintains the CD-ROM drive when performing recovery operations to VMware and vCloud Director environments. The CD-ROM drives will be connected to the IDE controllers, as Client device, pass-through mode.

NOTE: At the recovery side The CD-ROM/DVD-ROM image is not replicated.


To avoid the issue altogether, upgrade to Zerto 7.0 or higher.

As a workaround, on the recovered VM, add the optical device manually after the Failover/Move Operation.

Another option is use of a post recovery script.

NOTE: Zerto will not write or troubleshoot scripts, however, below are some resources that can be used to develop.

Please view the attached VMware KB: 

You can use PowerCLI to script the addition of a CD-ROM, and use the recovery script feature to run such a script. 

Please read the following KB  - "Pre/Post Recovery Scripts with Zerto"