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BITSAdmin Transient Error Seen During Zerto Tools for Windows Script Execution while Downloading PV Driver

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An administrator is attempting to install Zerto Tools for Windows on a protected Windows VM and receives a BITSADMIN error at the stage where the AWS PV Driver is being downloaded.

Root Cause

The API used to download the PV Driver (BITSAdmin) is deprecated and may fail to download the driver automatically.


During the AWS PV Driver download portion of the Zerto Tools for Windows script execution, the following transient error is seen:

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To workaround this issue, follow the below steps:

  1. Download the AWS PV Driver manually fromĀ here.

  2. Place the AWS PV Driver inĀ C:/ProgramData/ZertoTools/Platform/AWS/Zerto-PvDriver/

  3. Run the Zerto Tools.bat file once more with the "-v" option to validate all is well and then move forward with your Failover/Move as desired. In case of a Failover, ensure a checkpoint is selected which has a timestamp from after the validation succeeded to ensure Zerto Tools is ready to go.

NOTE: You may need to create the folder "Zerto-PvDriver". Please ensure it is spelled/punctuated exactly as written above.