Assign Recovery VM Volumes to Specific Datastores

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VMs with multiple volumes may not be best served by having their volumes replicated to the same datastore, which would be Zerto Virtual Replication’s default behavior. An administrator may want to specify that certain protected VM volumes are replicated to specific recovery datastores. To address this, Zerto Virtual Replication supports the ability to more granularly specify that specific volumes are to be replicated to specific datastores. For example, a VM may have its OS volume on one datastore, and a data volume on another and the customer wishes to retain the same policy in DR.  


To assign specific volumes to be replicated to specific datastores, use the following procedure:

  1. For a previously configured VPG, from the VPG Summary screen, choose “Actions” > “Edit”.  For a new VPG, create the VPG and add VMs
  2. Select the relevant VM and click “Configure VM”
  3. Select the volume you wish to move to a new datastore from the “Volumes” table
  4. Click on “Configure Selected Volume”
  5. Select a new target datastore from the drop-down menu
  6. Save the settings and repeat for any volumes in the protection group
  7. Save the VPG settings.


Note - a full re-sync of the volumes will then take place, unless you choose to move the volumes in the back end and preseed the VPG. If you choose to do this, refer to the Preseeding Volumes and Migrating VPG Volumes to a New Datastore solutions.

Affected Versions:
Through 2.0 Update 1 (Viper)

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