Why Can I No Longer Access VRA Maintenance Mode?

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Starting with 2.0 Update 5 (Beryl), VRA Maintenance Mode is no longer a readily available Zerto Virtual Replication operation.  As this feature was implemented in Zerto Virtual Replication 2.0, an administrator may wonder why it has been removed.  This solution article explains the reason why, and the ramifications.

Affected Versions

2.0 Update 5 (Beryl) and greater.





VRA Maintenance Mode was introduced as a method for migrating the protected resources of one VRA to another, in an attempt to provide improved functionality with regard to maintaining replication, while also allowing for host maintenance.
In practice, generally due to a combination of highly varied configurations of customer environments, VRA Maintenance Mode was not always completely successful in transferring resources.  As a result, the feature has been deprecated as of 2.0 Update 5 (Beryl), with the exception of its use in recovering from a Ghost VRA state.  For instructions on doing so, refer to the How to Recover from a Ghost VRA solution article.
With VRA Maintenance Mode deprecated, a customer may want to know how to balance VRA resources in order to allow for host maintenance without interruptions in replication.  For instructions on doing so, refer to the How to Perform Host Maintenance Without Affecting Replication solution article.

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