7.5 ZSSP – Edit VPG causing ‘Object reference not set to an instance’ error

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When editing VPG's via ZSSP, an error will appear with 'Object reference not set to an instance'.

This does not interfere later on with updating the VPG or performing recovery operations with the VPG, when we click 'OK' the pop up goes away and we can continue.

If GUI logs are collected we will see:

date: "2020-02-26T14:47:21.196Z",
operation: "GetPotentialVcdVappsForAdding",
protocol: "VQ",
type: "Error",
content: "{"faultCode":"Server.Processing","faultDetail":null,"faultString":"Object reference not set to an instance of an object."}",
params: "[{"GroupGuid":"e1390525-4948-4bc2-a099-51a2cca9461d"}]"


Absence of virtual in the signature of (3) methods in CloudPortalVQService that implements the IVisualQueryProvider interface.
This caused the interception (using unity) not to work and hence nullification of the CallContext and throwing null reference when querying the call context's zorg data.

More info can be found on bug 42042


A fix to the issue was already added to the code of version 8.0 (Glenlivet)

Affected Versions:
7.5_U1 up to 7.5_U3


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