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    • Install VMTools on Hyper-V guest

      Hello all, Does Zerto have a preferred way of installing VMTools on a Hyper-V guest before a Hyper-V -> VMware failover?  I was able to successfully create an MSI transform and skip the check in the InstallUISequence step in addition to manually adding some missing driver files but I can’t imagine that Zerto expects customers […]

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    • July 6, 2018
    • Using "the other" Hypervisor

      When setting up a Hyper-V environment as a recovery target, are there any specific Microsoft configuration items that  should be considered to make things go smooth? If someone has a success story in this area, did you have to do any special design of the Hyper-V cluster to let Zerto do its magic?

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    • December 9, 2015
    • Please update KB on MyZerto with Hyper-V info

      All you do is give info on VMware in most articles, please update all KBs as relevant with info for Hyper-V. For example ZVM guest OS interactions. I want to know how ZVM interacts with Hyper-V Integration Services, for example. On that topic, why does Zerto Hyper-V ZVM always say that it cannot find Integration […]

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    • November 10, 2015
    • NIC Settings on Failover

      Note: This question was pulled from an email thread. I’ve got question regarding failback in a scenario where I had to failover to a Hyper-V site from a VMware site. When failing over from VMware to Hyper-V the machines get converted but my question is specific to the NIC in case of a fail-back. Let’s […]

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    • May 5, 2015