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ZVM Login Error

  • We have installed Zerto on a Windows VM (Hyper-V) in our domain and can browse to the Zerto Virtual Manager Web Client, but for some reason get the following error, regardless of the format (e.g. domain\username, username@domain etc):

    User validation error – Please try again … try to use fully qualified domain name for login

    Does anyone have any ideas about this? It’s a standard installation. Presume the account we login with is the same account specified during the install?

    Hi Luke

    Did you check the audit log in Zerto? They’re located in C:\Program Files\Zerto\Zerto Virtual Replication\logs\ and are named audit.csv

    Maybe you can share the logs so we can take a look at it

    i have same problem.i look the audit log file and look this:

    “user Username: MY_USER, Domain: DOMAIN_NAME failed validation”

    i connect to ZVM only with DOMAIN_NAME\MY_USER and not with MY_USER@DOMAIN_NAME, on vcenter i connect without problem with my account “MY_USER@DOMAIN_NAME”.My user on vcenter have administrator Role

    So, it turns out we had a live DC in our mirrored DR site which may have been causing some issues for authentication.

    Also, we had to switch the Zerto Virtual Manager service to run under the same account specified for SCVMM rather than leaving it running under the local system account.

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