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Zerto Virtual Manager SMTP authentication

  • Hello, we are using Zerto Virtual Manager v8.5 and want to configure the email settings. Our SMTP server requires SMTP authentication and TLS/SSL. Where can we configure this? We can’t find the options in the Email settings page.

    Hi Menno,

    Guy from Zerto here.

    Unfortunately, SMTP authentication isn’t currently supported by ZVM.

    However, I’ve found a Feature Request to add this functionality to Zerto. Here is how you can vote for this FR to be implemented in a future version:

    1. Navigate to Feature Requests in MyZerto

    2. In the Search field, search for ZRVCORE-I-275

    3. Click on the VOTE button to the left of the title of the Feature Request.


    Best regards,




    I cannot find that feature request but also doesn’t seem to be in latest ZVM update. Ideas?



    Hi James,

    Here’s the link to the feature request for adding SMTP authentication to ZVM:


    Hopefully, if enough customers vote for this feature to be implemented, we’ll get some traction to have it added soon.




    Thanks, get the message “This idea has been merged into another idea. The merged idea is not visible in this portal.”. Voted for some of the other similar requests

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