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Windows Upgrade

  • I would like to upgrade the underlying Operating System of our ZVM and I need to clarify some details beforehand.

    During the upgrade reboots of the OS are needed – does it have an impact of the site replication process?
    Is the ZVM responsible for management and configuration or is it one of the core components of the Zerto environment?
    In other words – is the site replication during the downtime of the ZVM still working or is the site replication interrupted during the downtime ?
    Will the replication resume automatically if it is interrupted or are manual actions needed?

    I would like to run the Setup.exe right out of the Windows_2019_ISO and I assume that this will not cause any problems for our Zerto installation?!
    Do I need to stop the Zerto services before upgrading? We will set a VMware snapshot before performing the upgrade but do you suggest a backup of the Zerto database?
    Do you have a best practice guide?
    I guess upgrading from W2012R2_Std to W2019_Datacenter is supported?

    Current version:
    Zerto Version 7.0 Build 070005867
    Windows Server 2012R2 Standard /EN-US

    Target version:
    Windows Server 2019 Datacenter /EN-US

    Hi There,

    Brian from Zerto here.

    Basically, you can fo ahead and upgrade the ZVM OS, there is no need to stop services or anything, but replication will be down for the time of the upgrade, and, recovery is not possible until the upgrade is complete.

    • Please refer to our KB ‘Upgrading guest OS of the ZVM VM machine’:


    • I believe both Windows versions are supported for Zerto 7.0, Please refer to our Interoperability Matrix:


    • Taking a snapshot of the ZVM before upgrading is a great idea, just in case the upgrade fails.

    Let us know if it was helpful!

    Hi Brian,

    Thanks for you reply. Upgrading to W2019 was deleting my ZVM Settings – the ZVM service was stopped too.

    I rolled back to my VM snapshot.

    How can I backup my ZVM Settings? Is Zerto Diagnostics the appropiate tool for doing so or is it just backing up my VPG Settings?

    Kind Regards.

    Another unsuccessful attempt.

    I exported the VPG Settings (Zerto diagnostics) and tried importing them after running the Windows Upgrade.

    How can backup ALL ZVM Settings?

    Hi Benjamin,

    Sorry to hear that, if you would like us to investigate the issue, kindly open a case for Zerto Support.

    Your statement is correct, using the Zerto diagnostic tool is only for VPG settings, meaning, that after the upgrade you will have to pair the sites, install VRAs and then import the VPG settings.

    Best regards,

    in the same boat here Windows 2008 R2 SP1 to Windos 2012 R2 no way to fix the issue

    After OS Windows in place upgrade Zerto service is down and DB, when opening Zerto Diagnostics it ask for .Net Framework 4.5.2 and I installed that manually now Zerto Diag opens but all info in blank so I fill all and reconfigure same issue services not starting and I open again Zerto Diag all is blank even when the reconfigured was successful ….

    so I applied all windows 2012 R2 updates which add tons of updates reboot server and all Zerto services are up but ZVM service wont’ start, Zerto Config is blank.

    I tried a ZVM 6.5 Repair and that won’t help even when it finish OK

    I tried a ZVM 7.0 and validation is all wrong and won’t let me try the upgrade

    so far it’s not that simple as mention here which I found until now


    I wanted to avoid opening a ticket with support since I am just doing a lab before upgrading my real ZVM server and I wanted to minimize the impact for my DraaS service for my customers but right now reinstalling and talking with 6 customer would be the way maybe

    anyway maybe it’s simple and support can fix it in just one call, I am going to try next week

    Hi Carlos and Benjamin,

    I would like to ask you to open a support case so we can research the issue and assist you to resolve it.

    Best regards,

    hey guys


    I tried again an in place upgrade last time I really did not need it but this time I was

    so setup a lab, this time it worked

    Windows 2008 R2 SP1 latest update, only Zerto and chrome installed I removed any other stuff like antivirus

    after updating – I have Zerto 7.5 – Zerto DB service was not running and when I tried a reconfigure using Zerto Diagnostics this one asked for .Net 4.7…. I knew I had the latest .Net 4.8 in my Windows 2008 R2 SP1 but  Windows 2012 R2 downgraded to 4.5 so I sent ahead and tried .Net 4.8 and after a reboot my DB was able to start and ZVM service as well so I installed ZVM 8.0 afterwards 🙂


    I wanted to try going to Windows 2019 but that might be in another occasion 🙂

    Hello Carlos,


    Thank you for the update. Please let us know if you have any questions.


    Thank you,


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