Why bother purchasing migration licenses?

  • I’m trying to price out Zerto for migration of approximately 100 VMs from one site to another. It appears that it would be more cost effective to purchase  z-pack license for 25 VMs than to buy 100 single use migration licenses.

    So my questions is, if I can migrate my VMs in groups of 25 or less, why wouldn’t I just do it that way? Add VMs to Zerto, migrate, remove VMs from Zerto, repeat until all are migrated. Am I missing something?


    Hi Ken,

    You are correct in that the customer ends up benefiting in the long run from an enterprise license (Standard or ECE) vs a migration license because they are able to move and then aggressively protect those VMs.  The reason for having separate licensing models really boils down to flexibility for the customer to operate within the constraints of their budget and project window.

    The migration licenses cost less per license and are temporary.  This means the customer does not have the recurring cost of maintenance & support every year and the license becomes invalid after a few months.  Again, we like to give the customer the ability to choose a licensing model that satisfies their budget and project needs.  Also, some people prefer the simplicity of a “one-time move” vs. having to reconfigure replication and wait for ZVR to pre-seed multiple times.

    Just be weary that as you move those VMs 25 at a time, the VMs will no longer be protected at the target site once you re-allocate the licenses to the next batch of 25.  When all is said and done, the customer will only be able to protect 25 of those 100 VMs.

    I hope this helps!


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