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When can we Expect Zerto ESXi 7.0 U3 support?

  • Because of the Major BUG fixes in ESXI 7.0 U3c, it would be nice that Zerto supports this version also, so we do not have a very long waiting time upgrading our ESXi hosts. Customer Images from several hardware vendors are in place quite some time. Please confirm expected date for Zerto Support on ESXi 7.0 U3c, thanks in advance

    @JASON S,

    It is not that engineers did not check there environment, it’s that it takes way to long for Zerto to match support with the latest ESXi release, which after all the problems with U3 and delay times and now this U3 release is marked as a MAJOR upgrade (also by vendors). You should think that that Zerto had plenty of time to support U3c, but there’s still has no patch.

    They also said (a month ago) that the patch will be released in the next 2 weeks, and that’s exactly the reason why customers are unhappy. bottom line is the waiting time to match VMware ESXi releases.

    Another week, still nothing?

    It’s out there as of today!  My rep emailed me this morning.

    Hi All

    I am please to let you all know that the latest version of Zerto (9.0U3P2) supports ESXi 7.0U3

    Thanks for your patience.




    Great news thank you!

    Are there any plans to also release a patch for 8.5?



    There are no plans to create a patch for 8.5.

    7.0 u3 and newer vsphere will be supported on 9.0u3p2 as well as 9.5 when it is released

    Thank you for confirming Justin.

    Just to fully clarify, Zerto 9.0 U3 P2 provides support up to vCenter 7.0 U3c and ESXi 7.0 U3c – is that correct?

    And support for vCenter/ESXi 7.0 U3d could take up to 90 days from release (03/28/2022 -> 06/28/2022)?

    What about ESXi 6.7? What is the most current update/patch version of ESXi 6.7 supported with Zerto 9.0 U3 P2?


    Edit to my previous post, what is the most current update/patch version of ESXi 6.5 supported with Zerto 9.0 U3 P2? The interoperability matrix isn’t clear on that. It states that ESXi 6.5 Ux is compatible – so does that mean that all current updates and patches for ESXi 6.5 are supported at Zerto 9.0 U3 P2?


    Any ETA on ESXi 7.0 U3D support? Not being able to patch ESXi hosts until this kind of stinks.

    Hi Zerto,


    Is there still a basic waiting time (for 90 days) to match VMware’s vCenter en ESXi versions?

    Since the release of 7.0 u3d (05/06/2022) there is still no support from Zerto.

    Is there an option to shorten the waiting period? The problem is that companies have to follow the stated security baselines (all critical patches mus be applied in our case).

    We facing long waiting times to get Zerto supported with the updated VMware products. It’s the same discussion, but how is Zerto internaly aware of this repeating problem since security will be much more important every day. I hope to get more clearity about this from Zerto thanks in advance.


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