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VRA – Update vmware tools

  • Hello,

    If the VMware reports that the VMware tools outdate on the VRA appliance, is it oke to update the vmware tools?




    Hi Peter,

    Upgrading the VMware tools on the VRAs is not recommended.

    I don’t like that answer…

    Tony, I’ll offer a different explanation in that the Zerto VRAs are deployed with the version of VMware Tools we approve for that version of the VRA. The VRAs are 3rd-party appliances made to operate without user management. They should be thought of as “hands off”. Not in a negative sense of the phrase, I can’t stop you!, but in the sense that the Zerto Virtual Manager software manages the VRAs and you shouldn’t feel the need to spend time or effort on them.

    If you do have a policy or other requirement around VMtools levels, I suggest reaching out to our Support Team through MyZerto.

    -Sean M, Zerto, currently Sales Ops, formerly Zerto Systems Engineer

    So to bring this thread back to life I don’t recall seeing updates to the tools versioning between zerto upgrades and currently all of my vra’s report version 9.4.0 of tools installed which is being flagged as critical by skyline advisor due to a potential memory leak with that version.

    I’m running into the same problem here which is causing memory issues on my esxi hosts.  We are seeing VM’s being vmotion’d via DRS as a result of the memory issues created by the VRA’s and that’s impacting environment performance.  We need a fix for this ASAP!!

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