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VRA cannot be registered to host after esxi patch

  • we’re at esxi 6.5 up1 and there was a recent security patch released.  I reviewed the matrix for our zerto version 5.5 update 2 patch 2 and didn’t see an issue with applying the security patch but now our VRA’s are logging ‘vra cannot be registered to host’.     Doesn’t look like we can remove the patch.

    I understand to review the matrix before upgrading versions (i.e esxi 6.7) or even updates but it must not be detail enough for the patches?  maybe upgrade to zerto 6.0.1?

    We had same issues after VMware suggested upgrading to to 6.5 U2 / Patch 2 to address some issues we having.  We were running Zerto 5.5u2 but same problem still after upgading to 6.0u1.

    From Zerto Support Today: “Zerto will support any new release of any of the platforms, management tools, either with an existing release of Zerto Virtual Replication or by releasing a new version of its software, within ninety (90) days of the official VMware, Hyper-V, Amazon Web Services (AWS), or Microsoft Azure release”.

    As our general statement suggests, vCenter/ESXI 6.5u2 is planned to be supported within our SLA of 90 days from release date.

    Thanks… Zerto support did say that the validation and zerto patch release would be within 90 days but their documentation didn’t specify VMware patches.  so now they’re going to update the matrix or marketing documentation to reflect for ‘any’ VMware patch (along with updates, tools and version upgrades) about zerto validation before installing.   So since I had done the patching with update manager, I was able to roll back with the recovery console (shift+r) that you can invoke on the hyper console boot up (before esxi start/load up) and was back up and running in a few hours and replicating again with zerto.

    Has this issue been fixed in 6.0 update 2.. ???


    Checked the release notes and can’t see it that it is…??

    1-check ramdisk tmp is full on ESXi host and fix it

    2-retry install vra


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