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Refresh Storage Information

  • I updated my install a week or two ago to the latest version (6.5 U1 Patch 1).  Now in vCenter we constantly have tasks that Zerto is “Refreshing Storage Information”.  Is there a way to make this stop?  It’s a little noisy, and makes it difficult to take a quick look and track other activity in the task pane.

    Please contact Zerto Support to review this.  They have some options to reduce the amount of refreshes.

    Thanks for letting us know.

    Amy Mitchell

    Zerto Product Manager

    Thanks Amy, I just did.

    I too just updated to 6.5 U1 Patch 1 and also constantly getting these “Refresh Storage Information” messages in vCenter.

    Larry, just open a ticket.  It’s a 30 second fix until they can update their code.

    We have run into the same issue after upgrading in the lab… I’ve opened a case with support but happy to know that its not just us and that Zerto is aware.

    Thanks yall!

    Still happening in 6.5 u2.  I did open a ticket today.  Why can’t they just give us the fix.

    I opened a ticket with Zerto – The fix is as easy as this.

    In regards to the issue you are experiencing, this alert is a known issue in ZVR 6.5 U2.

    Here is the tweak that can be applied which will set the refresh operation to occur every 5 minutes:

    In order to apply the tweak, please follow the steps below:

    1. RDP to the ZVM server
    2. Open the file C:\Program Files\Zerto\Zerto Virtual Replication\tweaks.txt
    3. Add the line: t_ZvmMonitorDatastoresWakeupMs = 300000
    4. Save the file
    5. Restart the Zerto Virtual Manager service

    Please note that this alert doesn’t have any functional impact on the environment.


    I’m also experiencing this on 6.5u2. Thanks Ben A for posting the workaround!

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