configuring email alarms

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    During week-end SQL server maintenance plan, we receive many “VPR xxx Excceds configured RPO of 10 minutes by more than 15%” alarms emails.

    Is there a way to configure/pause the alarm emails during a scheduled time?

    Thank you


    Zerto provides you with the option to receive E-mail notifications whenever alerts are generated. While this feature can be disabled or enabled, you cannot filter the alarms you want to receive, and once enabled, you will be notified regarding every alert.
    You can disable email alerts, if you wish to do so, by navigating to the “site settings” dialog, and under “email settings” then unchecking the box “Enabling sending alerts”.
    If you want a specific customization per alert you can navigate to the vCenter “alerts” tab and click on the “definitions” of the alerts. There you will see that Zerto created for you all of our different alerts. All the Zerto alerts begin with “com.zerto”. You can then edit the settings for each alert and define the suitable action.

    For further information regarding this issue, I recommend you review Zerto’s Guide to Alarms, Alerts, and Events.

    I hope this will provide you with enough details regarding e-mail alerts.

    Please let me know if you have further questions.

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    The correct URL for Zerto’s Guide to Alarms, Alerts, and Events is

    I apologize for any confusion.


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