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Azure cloud replicaiton

  • This is going to sound like a stupid newbie question.  That is because it is.  We have an Azure cloud service with VMs and would like to look at a Disaster Recovery solution.  We use Zerto now within our VMWare environment now.  Can I create a new Azure site and use Zerto to replicate from an Azure site to another Azure site for DR purposes?  Has anyone done this from within Azure yet?


    Thank you


    Hi William,

    Thanks for your question! ZVR currently does not replicate between Azure Regions, but are working on replication out of Azure for 2017, and there is potential this could include what you’re asking for (replicating between different Azure locations), but I don’t have any confirmation or further clarity on this portion for you yet.



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    Hi Harry,

    Is this functionality available within 5.5U1 ?


    Protect Azure VMs > VMware ?


    Many thanks



    I think this functionality is now available in version 6.5. I was wondering if anyone has successfully replicated across Azure regions yet.


    Hi Matt – Can confirm that this capability was indeed added to the software. Will let one of our users follow up about their successes however 🙂


    hey, that’s intresting, are you looking for a job?


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