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Manage Workloads on Oracle Cloud VMware Solution

Zerto’s integration with Oracle Cloud VMware Solution offers complete control of hybrid and multi-cloud environments with the same experience as on-premises VMware. Zerto’s platform integrates seamlessly with Oracle’s Cloud VMware Solution orchestrating workload migration, disaster recovery (DR), and data protection with complete visibility across environments.

Gain Complete Control with Oracle Cloud VMware Solution

Migrate, protect, and recover workloads to Oracle Cloud VMware Solution

Why Zerto for Oracle Cloud VMware Solution?

Zerto’s Continuous Data Protection (CDP) helps you avoid downtime by eliminating the time gaps and data loss inherent to snapshots and backups. Innovative consistency groupings simplify recovery by ensuring large Oracle databases and their associated applications are protected as a unit and can be restored in the right order, to the same point in time. Industry leading RPOs of seconds and RTOs of minutes get your business back up and running with minimal disruption.

How Zerto for Oracle Cloud VMware Solution Works


Continuous Data Protection: Zerto’s always-on replication and journal-based recovery continuously track data to help you seamlessly rewind to any point in time. Recover entire sites, applications, and VMs, as well as individual files and folders.

Application Consistency: Protects key business services and their dependent applications as a cohesive, logical unit for DR replication, migration, and recovery. All VMs can be restored to the same point in time before an application failure, site-wide outage, or planned migration.

Orchestration & Automation: Remove complex, manual processes with runbook automation. Databases and applications recover using pre-defined settings including boot order, network configuration, and optional re-IP.

Complete Visibility: Zerto Analytics delivers a simple, comprehensive view of all your environments, including multi-site and multi-cloud, without extra software to install or maintain. Intelligent dashboards, monitoring, and reporting provide an analytical view of current and historic performance for proactive infrastructure management. Integrated resource planning helps you accurately plan for future storage, computing, and network resources.

Key Benefits

Ease of Use

Install and start replicating to the Oracle Cloud VMware Solution in under two hours, with the same tools as on-premises.

Aggressive Service Levels

Achieve RPOs of seconds and RTOs of minutes with a single, agile platform that boasts the tightest SLAs in the industry.

Hybrid- and Multi-Cloud Enabled

Replication and failover to, from, and between Oracle Cloud VMware Solution sites and other public cloud platforms.

No Impact to Production

Validate recovery, perform a migration dry-run, or test against production replicas without impacting production with just a few clicks.