It’s Good to Be Back! WOW, the World Has Changed!

Hi, I’m Ziv, ZeRTO’s founder and CEO.

Welcome to our new blog!

Some of you out there might remember me from my previous company, Kashya, which made quite a bit of noise back in 2005. At Kashya we developed some really revolutionary replication technology for disaster recovery, currently used by many Fortune 500 companies.

I co-founded Kashya back in 2000 with some great friends, sold it to EMC in 2006 for multi $$$, and stayed long enough in EMC to understand the needs of big enterprises but also that I need a long vacation :-)

Then the fun part began… Went traveling to some far corners of the world for a long while, saw some really amazing places like Namibia, Fiji, Vietnam… and met even more amazing people. What a world we have. I hope we will find ways to take better care of it! Came back, worked on my PhD. Wasn’t as fun as traveling…

Then it happened again. My brother, Oded, who led Kashya’s R&D managed to pull me back into the IT world. He felt that the IT world is changing, and it is not just a minor change, but a mega disruption that changed some of the core models and technologies. For us entrepreneurs Change = Opportunity to improve and solve new problems.   After several long nights and enough wine, ZeRTO was born!

First thing we did was to talk to all of our old buddies in IT: customers, colleagues, investors, to understand what is going on. Apparently in the three years I was away, IT has made a huge shift, and clearly enough, virtualization / cloud is the new game.

When we sold Kashya back in 2006, virtualization was one of these things people did just to get rid of old hardware. Why give real hardware to your fax server, print server, some old NT server, and an internet server that no one even knows who the owner is? Just stick them all on a hypervisor and save space, energy, and costs. If an enterprise IT person would be asked to virtualize his production servers, the response would be “why?” (or in some cases “have you lost your mind?”).

At the end of 2006, we started seeing some adventurous (at the time we said irresponsible…) IT people starting to actually think about moving critical stuff to VMs. Sometimes, just sometimes, they even started to pilot with virtualizing replicated systems, forcing us in Kashya to support it. Can you believe this was the state of IT less than four years ago?

The IT World has changed!

In the following posts I will share my perspective on this new world: what I learned, what has changed, what stayed the same, and what is still a moving target. Why should you find it interesting? Think of it this way: you take someone as deeply entrenched into the IT world as I was, put him away in a time capsule for 3 years, and bring him back only recently. It’s a different perspective to see the big jump instead of the many minor changes. If that’s not enough, let’s just say that based on what I learned I founded ZeRTO ;-)

It’s really exciting for me to start writing this blog. So much has changed in such a short time, and I do believe that the biggest changes are still ahead.

And yes, I know you’re all anxious to know what ZeRTO is all about. Well, we are still in stealth mode (yes, us too…), so I can’t say much. But, I can say that we have assembled a top notch team, that we’re backed by the best VCs in the world (never said I’m objective), Greylock Partners and Battery Ventures, and are soon starting beta with some great forward thinking enterprises that virtualized their mission critical apps or are transitioning to a cloud model. Stay tuned for the next post.



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