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Protecting Healthcare’s Mission Critical Applications and Data | Personyze Test 

Get Zerto protection for your patients’ health and a clean bill of data health for your business 

Centura Health: Avoiding Downtime with Zerto 

See how Centura Health realized cost savings by eliminating redundant tools, reducing their data center footprint, and developing plans to better leverage the Cloud for DR. 

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Why Zerto for Healthcare? 

The healthcare landscape is changing dramatically as digital strategies like virtual care, telemedicine, and unparalleled speed in online care collaboration open up new avenues for faster, patient-centric care. But these strategies underscore the need for data protection and recovery strategies to protect your healthcare organization’s mission-critical applications and patient data.

Zerto converges disaster recovery, backup, and cloud mobility into a single, scalable solution that addresses use cases faced by healthcare organizations undergoing digital transformation. 

Protect Your Electronic Health Records 

To provide complete care, you need total access to the most current patient records—the same records your patients trust you to keep safe.

With Zerto, your EHR system is always protected. If anything happens to your data, Zerto helps you rewind back to the moment in time just before the disruption and recover—regardless of location.

Zerto records data in a journal that it continuously updates to within seconds, so when disaster strikes, no data is lost and getting back online takes only minutes. Stop worrying about losing your data.

With Zerto, you’ll protect your bottom line, your hard-earned reputation, and, most importantly, your patients.

Deliver Uninterrupted Healthcare

Fight Back Against Malicious Attacks 

Healthcare suffers one of the highest data breach costs of any industry in the U.S., and it typically takes much longer to identify and contain a healthcare data breach. Data breaches are typically caused by malicious attacks, such as ransomware.

On average, these attacks can cost healthcare organizations millions of dollars. This requires a new approach to data security—one where prevention is no longer the sole focus, but effective recovery is.

With Zerto’s continuous data protection, even if hackers encrypt your data, you will be able to restore systems within minutes. 

Cyberattack Survival Guide for Healthcare

Mitigating the Threat of Ransomware with Zerto

Compliance and Protection for the Modern Healthcare Organization  

Protect your healthcare organization’s mission-critical applications and patient data from downtime outages and business risks of non-compliance to regulatory mandates. 

HIPAA Compliance 

The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) requires that all hospitals and health systems—including medical practices—must be able to recover from a natural disaster. Failure to adequately recover from a disaster could lead to noncompliance and expose officers of the organization to repercussions, such as fines or jail time.

Zerto allows you to failover to a target site where there’s standby equipment, build a disaster recovery process that builds applications using associated data, and store patient data off-site.

Beyond compliance, with Zerto you’re protected from both unplanned outages, like natural disasters, as well as planned outages and migrations. Zerto converges cloud mobility, disaster recovery, and backup capabilities into a single, simple, scalable solution.

Ensure you’re able to meet your business needs while simultaneously meeting the needs of your patients and customers.

Compliance and Reporting with Zerto

Zerto Perfect Fit for Healthcare IT  

Zerto delivers the aggressive service levels that healthcare organizations need, while delivering on the promise of virtualization. Zerto extends the flexibility of virtualization to the BC/DR strategy. 

Bring the benefits from a unified and automated recovery and data management experience across all workloads: virtual, cloud, SaaS, or application-based. 

Zerto for Workloads & Applications

Why IT Resilience Matters for Healthcare

Key Benefits of Zerto in Healthcare


Meet requirements with documented test plans that prove your ability to quickly restore access to EHR.

Fewer Interruptions

Access electronic health records (EHR) without worrying about scheduled downtime. 

Risk-Free Migrations

Confidently transfer data on-time and on budget without impact to performance.

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Deliver Uninterrupted Healthcare 

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