Reasons Why It’s Time to Say Goodbye to Disk-to-Disk-to-Tape

Over the last five years disk drives have been under pressure. With advancements in flash performance and density as well as tools to make business continuance in the cloud a reality, we are now in a position to say goodbye to D2D2T and hello to F2F2C.

The Past:

D2D2T – Disk to disk to tape as a data protection infrastructure topology.

Roughly fifteen years ago, moving from a disk to tape over to a D2D2T topology helped enterprise IT teams eliminate long backup windows and materially shrink RPO and RTO. Back then, long distance WANs were slow and excessively expensive. While significantly better, we were still working with barcoded tape cartridges and weekly pickups from non-descript vans.

The Present:

F2F2C – Flash to flash to cloud as a data protection infrastructure topology.

Why it’s time to say goodbye:

  • Reliability for latency sensitive applications
  • Effectively scale workloads with the acceleration of business
  • Flash is affordable
  • Easy adoption of public cloud

Looking more recently, flash has made huge inroads into latency sensitive applications such as ERP and medical records databases. The acceleration of these workflows have truly accelerated businesses. One customer, Cherry Health, is able to handle 62,000 more patient visits per year just by moving from disk to flash. But flash has been expensive for secondary applications, or even on-site backups. This is changing – fast. NAND suppliers are chasing density just as feverishly as performance and driving down costs at a pace that throws Moore’s Law right out the window. Tegile’s IntelliFlash HD combines the performance of the fastest flash on the market with the economics of the highest density flash available to make leveraging these technologies a cinch. Further cost reductions can be had with the low heat and power required to run flash storage. This is enabling an on-site F2F backup strategy now.

But what about public cloud? Our friends at Zerto are providing Resilience for Evolving IT™ by delivering automated, seamless Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery for vSphere, Hyper-V, Azure and AWS. This ensures businesses and their customers always have access to critical applications in the cloud without any IT interruption, downtime or delay.

Tegile will be presenting at ZertoCON 2017 on Tuesday, May 23rd at 2:45 pm (EST) in room 306 to talk about D2D2T moving to F2F2C. I look forward to seeing you there!


– Rob Commins, VP Corporate Marketing, Tegile Systems

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