Plug and Play Disaster Recovery by Zerto

By Samuel Calder, Zerto Pre-Sales Engineer

Starting as a pre-sales engineer at Zerto, the first bit of business is to get Zerto up and running in your lab.

My first thoughts were, being that Zerto’s specialty is disaster recovery for virtual environments and requires replication, how complex and how many moving parts is there going to be? The answer, “it is plug and play.”

I log into the Zerto support portal, download the latest version of the replication software, at the time version 3.1 update 2, and begin the installation. The following details out the process for installing.

Install the software on a Windows Server VM (version 2003 and above)… easy enough. I deployed a Win2k12 from an OVF and fifteen minutes later I am consoled in and running the Zerto installer. Three minutes later and the installer completes; Zerto is now installed.

(Side note, you will need one VM per vCenter server with the Zerto software installed. Generally, there is one at the production site and one at the disaster recovery site.)


Next, Log into vSphere and click on the Zerto tab, please enter license key. Done.


Final installation step, install replication appliances…navigate to the Setup tab in the Zerto GUI (prior to the 3.5 release this was the VRA tab) and install a VRA for each host that you will be replicating to and/or from. To do this you click the checkbox next to the host, choose Actions then Install. Complete the information for the network configuration settings. Once complete a new VM will automatically deploy in the environment, which is the virtual replication appliance.


Zerto Virtual Replication is now in place and ready to be used. Simply click the New VPG button, add the VM’s in this group that you want protected and choose the target site for replication. Save and the initial sync begins. Once complete Zerto will be protecting the specified VMs.

Manage VPG1

The installation is quick and painless because Zerto is able to leverage the existing infrastructure that is in place…truly making Zerto a plug and play solution.

But don’t just take my word for it, try it out for yourself by clicking   here for our free trial!

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