June is Disaster Recovery Awareness Month

Disaster Recovery Awareness MonthIt’s that time of year — with hurricanes in the Eastern US and tornadoes in the Southern and Central regions — when executives are reminded of the flaws in their plans for disaster recovery and business continuity. This month, Virtual Strategy Magazine decided to pull together a number of articles on DR from virtualization industry experts. There are new posts uploaded daily, so it’s worthwhile to bookmark and keep checking the feed for new articles.

Here are a few of the posts we’ve liked so far on Virtual Strategy’s Disaster Recovery Awareness Month:

1. Disaster Recovery Wake Up Call — by Michael Hart, vExpert at CSI Louisville

Michael walks readers through a familiar DR scenario in this post:

Imagine waking up to a phone call at 2am from your CIO saying that she isn’t getting email on her smartphone. Then you receive another call from your CEO saying the branch office in California cannot access the shared directory. Now imagine that you arrive at the office and find the fire department coming out of your building as you receive the call from your CIO that she just got a call that there was a fire. You are happy to find out that the FM-200 fire suppression system did its job and reduced the damage to the servers and storage however your wiring closet, where the fire started, was not that lucky. Fiber cables have been melted, switches destroyed and C-Level folks wanting to know when this will be fixed.

Stop. Take a deep breath. Now call your BC/DR partner.

2. Ben Miller at Bluelock on “5 Disaster Recovery Misconceptions”. Ben’s first ‘misconception’ addresses whether you’re covered if you have a backup solution:

Misconception # 1: Backup-as-a-Service and Recovery-as-a-Service are the same.

A good DR plan is not about backups, but rather it’s about getting back up and running as quickly and efficiently as possible. The placement of that one space makes a big difference.

Backups and Backups-as-a-Service traditionally are concerned about the data within an application. The recoverable pieces are much like a jigsaw puzzle, they need to be put back together in a usable way, otherwise they’re just data. If you’re a business unit owner, imagine your excel application crashes. You have the file backed up, but you have no way to access or run that file because you need the application to do so. Backups will be a component of a complete disaster recovery solution, but they’re not the complete answer.

Recovery-as-a-Service is about protecting the entire application and everything that’s inside of it. Cloud-based Recovery-as-a-Service should use protection groups to ensure the safe recovery and protection of every single virtual machine (VM), virtual application (vApp) and piece of data within your application. Each is recovered at the same point in time, ensuring a quick stand-up of your application post-declaration. There is no putting together of the puzzle, the puzzle is saved as one complete picture.

3. Our very own Gil Levonai — VP Products and Marketing here at Zerto, with a post on the right questions to ask on your DR Checklist.

Is the existing solution “virtual ready”?

Can it support mission-critical application protection?

It is hardware and vendor agnostic?

Read these posts and others at Virtual Strategy. Stay Safe!!

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